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24 Aug 2016, 06:41
Joe Sustaric (2 posts)

Hi there, Just started to go though this book with the recent release. In the 2nd chapter pg 35 there is a section discussing the web-console debugging option in the error page of rails. It does not seem to appear in the version. Was this taken out of the release from the beta? If so how do you re enable it? It appears to be in the Gemfile but when I try to manual render it in a view it does not appear to work. Thanks Joe Edit: Sorry Should have made a better thread title, but I cant seem to edit it. oh well.

24 Aug 2016, 15:50
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

web console works for me on

Try adding:

config.web_console.whitelisted_ips = %w( ::/0 )

to config/environments/development.rb and restarting your server

25 Aug 2016, 04:29
Joe Sustaric (2 posts)

Thanks, that got it working. Cheers

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