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28 Oct 2016, 13:05
Max Ricketts (3 posts)

I am running this command from Chapter 8 - Functional testing of controllers

bin/rails test:controllers

I get this error

StoreControllerTest#test_should_get_index [/depot/test/controllers/store_controller_test.rb:9]:
<Programming Ruby 1.9> expected but was
Expected 0 to be >= 1.

I have copied from the code download the 2 files. store_controller_test.rb & prodcuts.yml

Not sure what else to check. Thanks in advance

29 Oct 2016, 10:01
Julius (4 posts)

in my opinion it is something wrong with products.yml. Check for spacing (when you copy/paste code, sometimes it goes wrong (like spacings, brackets), so retyping that fixture would be the first thing to try)

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