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15 Dec 2016, 03:56
Brandon Pittman (5 posts)

I’ve been working through the PragProg Agile Rails 5 book. I’m hung up on the deployment. I did a straight copy/paste deploy locally with Apache. When I deployed with Capistrano, however, the deployment completes without error, but running passenger or rails s in the current release directory fails immediately, saying that it can’t find the listen gem. Any clue what could be triggering this?

I’ve ran bundle package and bundle --deployment. Neither helped. I’m not sure what the dirs are supposed to look like with Capistrano, but the vendor/cache gems aren’t in the current dir, even though they’re in the development directory.

Here’s the what I got in the production.log.

D, [2016-12-12T18:47:37.353437 #12570] DEBUG -- :    (0.2ms)  SELECT DATABASE() as db
D, [2016-12-12T18:47:37.353879 #12570] DEBUG -- :    (0.2ms)  SELECT GET_LOCK('2754433143543187260', 0);
D, [2016-12-12T18:47:37.365473 #12570] DEBUG -- :   ActiveRecord::SchemaMigration Load (0.5ms)  SELECT `schema_migrations`.* FROM `schema_migrations`
D, [2016-12-12T18:47:37.375988 #12570] DEBUG -- :   ActiveRecord::InternalMetadata Load (0.5ms)  SELECT  `ar_internal_metadata`.* FROM `ar_internal_metadata` WHERE `ar_internal_metadata`.`key` = 'environment' LIMIT 1
D, [2016-12-12T18:47:37.379731 #12570] DEBUG -- :    (0.2ms)  BEGIN
D, [2016-12-12T18:47:37.380950 #12570] DEBUG -- :    (0.2ms)  COMMIT
D, [2016-12-12T18:47:37.381305 #12570] DEBUG -- :    (0.2ms)  SELECT RELEASE_LOCK('2754433143543187260')

Apache just says “Incomplete response received from application” when I visit http://localhost:8080. I already made sure a secret key was set correctly.

15 Dec 2016, 05:33
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

I can’t reproduce. See response here:

17 Dec 2016, 08:20
Brandon Pittman (5 posts)

In the current dir outputted by Capistrano, I don’t have a vendor/cache, only a vendor/bundle. Does that seem right?

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