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04 Jun 2017, 21:18
Anand Duddella (1 post)

Hi can you please send me the github or any link for the full working source code of the Depot application built as I am facing an error in Cart Creation Chapter . When adding a line item the line_items_params

error: param is missing or the value is empty: line_item

So wanted to see the full source code to compare

Thank you in advance

05 Jun 2017, 13:44
Susannah Davidson Pfalzer (55 posts)

Hi Anand,

You can find the source code here:

14 Jun 2017, 23:21
Bijan Hoomand (3 posts)

Excellent question. I was getting the same error; after downloading the source code (and finding my way through all the directories, coming to depot_f), I noticed that there is no difference between my version of line_items_controller.rb and the one in there! But stopping/starting rails server worked for me and my code just started working out of the blue!

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