30 May 2008, 14:37

Nilanjan (1 post)

for the svn_log function on Page 77, I assume we need svn on the system?


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22 Jun 2008, 18:03

Brian Marick (56 posts)

Sorry for the delayed reply - I lost your note.

Yes, you need svn on the system - but not that most of the program can be tested without svn.

24 Jun 2008, 14:39

Dan Gulliford (2 posts)

I am having trouble with svn (using CollabNet Windows client). Manually typing the exact text as shown on top of page 60 into the svn CL client gives:

c:>svn log –revision ‘HEAD:{2005-07-30}’ svn://rubyforge.org/var/svn/churn-dem o/inventory svn: Syntax error in revision argument ‘‘HEAD:{2005-07-30}’’

Any suggestions?


03 Jul 2008, 19:11

Dan Gulliford (2 posts)

For anyone else struggling to get svn to work, I found using http: protocol works but svn: doesn’t when accessing the rubyforge.org repository, thus:

Dan$ svn log -r ‘HEAD’ svn://rubyforge.org/var/svn/churn-demo/inventory svn: Connection closed unexpectedly

Dan$ svn log -r ‘HEAD:{2005-07-30}’ http://churn-demo.rubyforge.org/svn/inventory

r2 | marick | 2006-08-07 15:26:21 -0400 (Mon, 07 Aug 2006) | 1 line

added code to handle merger

r1 | marick | 2006-08-07 15:21:47 -0400 (Mon, 07 Aug 2006) | 1 line

first touches

Other people have reported the same issue for other repositories. see: http://www.ruby-forum.com/topic/133974


17 Apr 2009, 05:16

Ben Goh (6 posts)

okay … you need to remove the quoutes for the HEAD:{2005-07-30} so your command looks like this:- svn log -r HEAD:{2005-07-30} svn://rubyforge.org/var/svn/churn-demo/inventory

13 Nov 2011, 11:07

Ajay (1 post)

Thanks all, I too was stuck at this step. Unblocked now. However, I installed VisualSVN on XP. The CMD needs to be opened from VisualSVN only then the command svn log -r HEAD:{2005-07-30} svn://rubyforge.org/var/svn/churn-demo/inventory works.

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