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02 Jun 2016, 19:08
James Tharpe (1 post)

I just read through the book and I felt a lot of essential information was missing, including:

  • Installing rspec and basic commands of rspec/rake - I use .NET and PHP for my websites and apps. I’m not familiar with Ruby and it was not listed as a prerequisite, how do I get started? Is this book only for Rails apps?
  • Checking for common errors - Broken links, JavaScript syntax errors, multiple jQuery instances, un-closed HTML tags, etc, etc., how do I check for this stuff?
  • Browser compatibility testing - How do I run tests in multiple browsers? How do I know pages “look right” in addition to functioning correctly in, say, IE8?
  • **Responsive layout and/or device testing* Does the test I just ran on a desktop computer work on an Android phone? How do I test gestures like “swipe”?
  • Monitoring - sometimes apps break in production after they’ve been running fine for months. How do I run tests on production?
  • Testing Common Technical Scenarios* - What if cookies are disabled? What if AdBlock is blocking a script from loading?
04 Jun 2016, 07:37
Jonathan Rasmusson (16 posts)

Great points James. You are right. There is a lot to learn to do this stuff.

I am going to make it more clear in the preface that this isn’t a deep dive book. It’s a getting started, book for focused on fundamentals, and that many of the deeper things you mentioned aren’t covered in the book.

Thanks for sharing this insight.

Cheers - Jonathan

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