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27 Jan 2016, 20:02
murat bilal (2 posts)

How to hide password when using BufferedReader class with IDE

27 Jan 2016, 20:04
Brian P. Hogan (159 posts)

I’m not sure how to answer this question with the information you provided. This book can be used with many programming languages. Your question doesn’t state what language you’re using or what IDE you’re using. I bet if you can more clearly state what you’re using, someone might be able to provide a hint for you.

29 Jan 2016, 09:10
murat bilal (2 posts)

I am using Java language and NetBeans as IDE.I cannot use java console class because it does not work with IDE.I also try with the link you send(EraserThread class) but that does not work also.

I know i can do it with Console class from command Line,but i try to find a way to do it with Netbeans IDE. By the way my java version is “java version “1.8.0_45”



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