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10 Dec 2015, 16:11
Jeff Kelley (8 posts)

Hi there! I’m Jeff Kelley, the book’s author. This forum is a great place to ask questions, discuss the book, etc.—especially while we’re still in beta! Ask away!

16 May 2016, 09:07
Claus Guttesen (13 posts)

Thank you. Nice intro. On (pdf) page 33, at the bottom of second paragraph setting the width of the group adheres to the language setting of your computer. Xcode wouldn’t let me enter 0.35. Turns out that since my region is norwegian it expects the value to be entered with comma as the decimal separator. Which I saw when using the small knobs on the right side of the box.

So not an error and I’m not sure whether it needs to be shoehorned into the text as such. :-)

regards Claus

16 May 2016, 20:36
Jeff Kelley (8 posts)

Hi Claus! We did see this in beta—if you look in the “The Code in This Book” section in the preface you’ll see the comma issue called out. We probably should have directed you there with a footnote—it’s not the most obvious thing in the world. Thanks for reading!

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