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03 Jan 2017, 06:13
7stud (14 posts)

As far as I can tell, an expectation is some sort of timer, and if time runs out then the test that contains the expectation will fail–the expectation is not connected to any code. Other code, running in another thread/process, then tries to stop the timer before it expires–by calling fulfill().

I imagine our situation is something like this:

Thread 1                      Thread 2
========                      =========
-app compiles
-app launches
-code executes                 code executes
-tests execute...              code executes
-create expectation            code executes 
-sleep(5)        ^             code executes
                 |             code executes
                 +======   webViewDidFinishLoad() executes

My question is: why can’t webViewDidFinishLoad(_:) execute before the expectation even gets created?

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