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19 Sep 2010, 18:29
Alexandre Alves (2 posts)

hello everyone,

I’m having a problem with the creation of the 1st application: “people”. I’m following the book strictly, but when I go to “http://localhost:3000/people” on my browser, I get the following message:

Routing Error No route matches “/people” with {:method=>:get}

Could somebody please help me? I tried to find some answers on the net without any success.

Best regards, Alexandre.

22 Sep 2010, 19:44
Alexandre Alves (2 posts)

Ok, I was trying to solve this problem, but after some researches, in the end I think the thing is: different versions of Ruby, so I’m gonna follow this tutorial: instead of the book (just for the creation of the application people).

I think that the authors should provide us an updated tutorial of the People application.

Regards, Alexandre A.