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28 Mar 2017, 08:28
Anders Smedegaard Pedersen (2 posts)

Hi, I just bought the book. Seems good.

I don’t know how far you are from a 1.0, but would you consider changing it to use Phoenix 1.3

It’s supposed to be released “this month” (March 2017). It just seems like a much cleaner structure than 1.2. Maybe even more suited to the “Build Elixir app first, then make a web interface”-approach?

Just a thought.

Happy writing/coding

– Smedegaard

29 Mar 2017, 02:03
Lance Halvorsen (45 posts)

Thanks for your question. I will certainly update the pathnames to the files we’re working with when Phoenix 1.3 ships. The impact on the code and the book, though, is probably smaller than you might think. The majority of the work we’re doing with Phoenix is in a single Channel.

I’ll leave the full coverage of Phoenix 1.3 to Chris, José, and Bruce. :)

29 Mar 2017, 04:40
Vasileios Ntarlagiannis (6 posts)

Hi, I strongly agree with the TS. Please, do not make your work obsolete even before the final publication. Considering the Phoenix 1.3 structure and introduced ideas/patterns, i.e. API boundaries, the way to use new generators, etc., fits greatly to the content and the direction of this book. My humble opinion.

06 Sep 2017, 20:33
Michael Minton (1 post)

So now Phoenix 1.3 has dropped. Has this book been updated to work or has nothing channel specific really changed in 1.3?

02 Oct 2017, 21:55
Lance Halvorsen (45 posts)

Nothing channel related has changed in Phoenix 1.3. I have updated the paths to reflect the new directory structure, though.

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