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03 Dec 2017, 05:09
Dave Miller (1 post)

Thought I’d point out what I perceived to be a potential typo. Loving the book so far!

Toward the bottom of page 31, I believe forested?/3 should in fact be forested?/1

Text in question:

First, let’s recompile the Island module so that we’ll have access to the guess/2
and _forested?/3_ functions we just wrote.


def forested?(island), do:
    MapSet.equal?(island.coordinates, island.hit_coordinates)
02 Jan 2018, 02:15
Lance Halvorsen (46 posts)

Hi Dave, sorry I’m so late getting around to this! I’m putting the finishing touches on the book now, and this certainly helped. So glad you’re enjoying the book. <3

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