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19 May 2016, 21:04
Tim Wright (2 posts)

I had to comment out the following test in tasksj-test.js

// it(‘jCallService should send xhr status code to callback’, function() { // var callback = sinon.mock().withArgs(404); // // jCallService({method: ‘GET’, url: ‘/tasks’}, callback); // xhr.requests[0].respond(404); // // callback.verify(); // });

19 May 2016, 21:20
Venkat Subramaniam (98 posts)

Hi Tim,

Really appreciate all the errata you’ve reported so far. Very helpful.

Could you please continue to report the errors in the errata page?

We’ll use the forum for discussions.

Thank you.



20 May 2016, 00:01
Venkat Subramaniam (98 posts)

Thanks for reporting this Tim. I changed verify to atLeast(1) and that takes care of that issue. If you get a chance, please try that and see if that works for you. I’m checking in my change, it should appears in the next beta.



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