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17 Aug 2016, 14:52
Jason Rogers (2 posts)


Will your book have a section talking about how to manage subscriber accounts in Stripe, and then accepting payments for their customers – dealing with customers of customers?

17 Aug 2016, 14:55
Noel Rappin (50 posts)

Interesting. Not planned at the moment (the subscriber chapter stops at recurring payments themselves), but I’ll look into it.

17 Aug 2016, 15:59
Mark Laidlaw (5 posts)

I’m definitely interested in Jason Roger’s suggestions as well!

One other thing that I don’t see on the roadmap is Square integration. I know, you’re not writing the book for me specifically. haha And I understand why it’s not in here (nowhere near as popular for Rails devs as Stripe/Braintree), but I’m just throwing it out there that I would LOVE a chapter on that. LOVE IT. I think it would help a lot of developers that work with smaller businesses, because it allows them to have one easy-to-use merchant account for all their online and offline payments. Sadly, there’s just not that much documentation or tutorials out there just yet, even though they came out with a pretty good set of APIs in like January.

Anyway, thanks for writing this Noel. I’m already diving in, and excited to see how much I’ve likely been doing it wrong (or at least could have been doing it better) for almost a decade now. :-) Great title by the way!

22 Aug 2016, 10:00
Matteo De Simone (1 post)

I’m interested in Jason Roger’s suggestions as well! It will be great. Please make us happy! :-)

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