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23 Feb 2017, 21:02
Anna Schwab (2 posts)

I know it explicitly says install the money-rails gem to integrate money in a Rails application and specifically to be able to use monetize as a data type.

BigDecimal functions well in irb, and am getting the same result as you did.

What confuses me is “Via the money gem, and its related gems Monetize and Money Rails, we’ll use the BigDecimal internally….”

Please clarify. Thanks.

24 Feb 2017, 01:45
Noel Rappin (48 posts)

The Money gem uses BigDecimal as part of its internal representation, and adds some other features as well. I think that the money-rails gem has money and monetize as dependencies, so adding one to the gem file should give you all three.

Does that help?

24 Feb 2017, 02:57
Anna Schwab (2 posts)

Yes, very much. Thanks.

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