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13 Oct 2016, 17:17
Samuel Gechter (2 posts)

Hey there -

What’s the difference between the meetings described in chapters six, seven, and eight? In six it’s called the Portfolio Evaluation Meeting. In this chapter are you describing the first meeting like this an organization would have? In seven you call it a Portfolio Review Meeting, and it eight, a Portfolio Evaluation Meeting again. Are these different terms for the same thing, or distinct types of meetings about the Portfolio? If they are different, what distinguishes them? If they’re the same meeting, is the gist of chapter six “evaluate the portfolio,” the gist of seven “review it at the right interval” and the gist of eight “make decisions in the review?”

Thanks, Sam

13 Oct 2016, 19:07
Johanna Rothman (10 posts)

HI Sam, In chapter 6, it’s all about organizing yourself/the organization to be able to create a project portfolio. That’s why the mission and principles are in that chapter.

After you have your first project portfolio, chapter 7 is about when to review those decisions.

Chapter 8 is how to manage all the possible parts of the project portfolio.

Yes, your “gist” summaries work for me! Johanna

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