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09 Mar 2017, 12:40
Michael Keeling (1 post)

Hello and welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

Why? Software design is a social activity. Software architects collaborate closely with other humans throughout the course of designing, developing, and shipping any software system.

This includes working with other software architects. We help each other with difficult technical problems. We share advice, tips, and good practices. Sometimes we just share some good old fashioned moral support. Designing software architectures can be tough. Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone!

Who should post to this forum?

You should! This is our software architecture community. You’re a part of it too. I’m happy to answer questions and respond to comments about the book and software architecture. You have experiences in software design too. Feel free to share them by responding to forum posts as you would any other discussion board.

What should I share?

Think of these forums as an extension of Design It!. Here you can talk to other readers and to me. What shall we talk about? How about….

  • Questions about software architecture concepts and design methods
  • Stories about how you used what you learned from the book (pictures please if you can share them!)
  • Facilitation advice for design methods from the book
  • New design methods and variations of existing ones
  • Suggestions for how I can improve the book, especially the beta release.

Thank you for visiting. And again, welcome to the Design It! forums.


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