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18 Sep 2017, 15:09
George Andrianakis (2 posts)


First of all I should say congratulations on an amazing book! IMHO this book is one of the few truly eye-openers to be found in Software Engineering!

I was wondering if you plan to include a discussion on how the recent trends on Reactive Programming / Architectures relate to the topics analyzed in the book.

Thanks, George

18 Sep 2017, 16:10
Michael Nygard (11 posts)

Hi George,

That’s not in the plan right now. But if I hear from more readers that it’s of interest, then I can still include it.

Otherwise, it may have to go in the 3rd edition. (I’m kidding! No plans for such at this time!)

Anybody else who would be interested, please reply to this thread so I can gauge whether I should add it or not.

Thanks, -Michael

19 Sep 2017, 07:43
George Andrianakis (2 posts)

Thank you for the immediate reply!

Perhaps a question on your Twitter account would have more reach than this forum post. I know I would reply immediately :P

Regards, George

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