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05 Oct 2017, 01:44
Ilan Rozenblat (1 post)


It was a pleasure reading the first edition. I was hoping to see in the second edition some analysis of CI/CD technologies and of containers orchestration technologies. You beta version recognizes their presence, but little more than that.

I feel that ‘Infrastructure-as-code’ introduces non-trivial challenges to anti-fragile implementations. Same for some of the advanced features of tools like Mesos or K8. These could have been excellent topics for today’s ‘Release It’ edition.

Do you plan to analyze them elsewhere, or you simply don’t have sufficient direct experience to apply your critical analysis and excellent insight to these topics ?


05 Oct 2017, 01:53
Michael Nygard (11 posts)

This is a timely comment. Since the book is still in beta, I’m adding your comment to the my reader feedback. Thank you for the suggestion.

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