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09 Oct 2008, 08:55
Andrew Sage (9 posts)

I’m trying to work through the recipe 43 example but I’m getting the following error in the log:

undefined method `register_status’

Any suggestions on solving this problem?

10 Oct 2008, 18:28
Mike Clark (51 posts)


Is it possible that your class isn’t subclassing BackgrounDRb::MetaWorker? That’s where the register_status method comes from. I just checked the latest version of BackgrounDrb and it appears that register_status is still supported.


11 Oct 2008, 16:08
Hemant Kumar (4 posts)

Hey Andrew,

API has changed slightly. for registering status its now:

cache[“some_key”] = value

and for asking it back from controller:


This API change too place, around 1.0.4 release. You can read details here:

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