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15 Jan 2008, 18:15
daniel lucas vaz lopes (1 post)

After show how to upload files to filesystem and save in database(create album) i think is really important show how to edit and delete the cover and album rows. How can i delete the row of album and cover and your image in filesystem be deleted to. How can i do to user change image and update the row with new filename.


16 Jan 2008, 16:17
eddie may (5 posts)

Hi, This is an excellent suggestion. While I’m at it, I would also like to see something about changing the image file name (with validates_uniqueness_of, perhaps by adding the cover_id to the end of the chosen image name), setting the file location for saving images, …. Thanks

19 Mar 2008, 18:17
David Wilbur (50 posts)

also, if i want to have two (or more) places, in the site where one can upload. say lyrics, covers, photos of artist, is there anything special that needs to be taken care of. each would have it’s own table (probably) and would be (probably) generating overlapping id’s would this need anything special done? the answer being for saving to the file system is that it creates a named folder in the public folder thus each of these would have its own hierarchy in the filesystem… there is a footnote that i missed on first reading that mentions that… however… at least for me it would seem to be something to mention in a more prominent way.

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