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01 May 2008, 00:05
Bill Harding (1 post)

First of all, this book has generally been a blessing for me, opportunely released in Beta just as we were beginning to deploy our site ( However, the first recipe that has really fallen short of my expectations is the SSL recipe. It is basically a rehash of 10 different websites that are themselves rehashes of the documentation for the ssl_requirement plugin.

After the better part of two days, I’ve finally powered through the process of setting our site up with SSL on Rails + Apache, but if the recipe would have given me more information about what SSL really is (and what the parts of an SSL setup are), or if it at least had some links to pages did have this info, I would have saved numerous hours.

For what it’s worth, I’ve recently written a blog that gives the sort of comprehensive SSL rundown I wish the recipe had provided:

In it’s current state, I think the SSL recipe falls short of the “beyond the surface” treatment given by most of the other recipes I’ve used throughout this book. Setting up SSL is certainly a common task for deployed websites, I think users would much appreciate some TLC given to this section.


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