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07 Sep 2010, 12:52
Luis DeMarc (1 post)

Hello, I would like to know if a recipe book for Rails 3.0 is planned in the near future?

This is the kind of book programmers really need, great work Mike!

Thank you.

23 Sep 2010, 03:59
Kirk Quesnelle (3 posts)

Yes, I would also like to know and really hope for a Rails 3.0 version :)

Thanks for all you work


01 Nov 2010, 11:19
Dan Bronsema (1 post)

I would also be interested in a Rails 3 version!


03 Nov 2010, 20:54
Pablo Olmos de Aguilera (2 posts)

Actually I was going to ask the same… is rails 3 recipes planned?

13 Nov 2010, 22:29
Pablo Olmos de Aguilera (2 posts)

Btw, the idea of having forums is to discuss with the author/authors/publishers right? This thread is two months old and still nobody has answered :(

10 Dec 2010, 22:20
Timothy Knight (5 posts)

Pablo, I’ve heard about a Rails 3 Recipes written by Chad Fowler, so I imagine something is definitely planned. See

15 Jan 2011, 13:50
Peter-Jan Celis (9 posts)

I will also buy a copy if Recipes for Rails 3 comes out.

28 Apr 2011, 17:31
Pete (1 post)

yep, i would buy Rails 3 recipes

27 Jun 2013, 23:03
Bob Gustafson (2 posts)

I think that Mike Clark must have died..