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21 Aug 2008, 20:24
Phattymatty (2 posts)

Hi everyone,

I’ve followed along with this recipe and it’s not working for me. I know it is something REALLY simple. I get the following method not found error when attempting to login:

NoMethodError in SessionsController#create undefined method `authenticate’ for #

Was I suppose to set up the “authenticate” method prior to starting this recipe?

22 Aug 2008, 01:48
Ng Tze Yang (2 posts)

Hi Phattymatty,

Yup, u need to have ur User.authenticate. Here’s a very simple one:

def self.authenticate( name, password ) User.find_by_name_and_password( name, password ) end

22 Aug 2008, 14:22
Phattymatty (2 posts)

Just what it needed. Thanks

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