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25 Jun 2016, 20:50
Ringo De Smet (1 post)

Will this book get a free update for the just released Elixir 1.3? I was a bit disappointed that the Elixir 1.2 book was already separate from the original…


25 Jun 2016, 21:36
Dave Thomas (366 posts)

If you bought the original from pragprog, then the 1.2 book was a free update—why the disappointment?

I’m not planning a 1.3 update, but might do a 1.4 one.

28 Jun 2016, 02:00
R D JONES (1 post)

Free update???? Like Ringo, I never received one. I just downloaded a fresh copy of my purchase, and it is still at version 1.0.

UPDATE: I browsed around the site and finally found a coupon for 100% off. Ringo, if you log into the site and then use the menu up top to go to “Your account” -> “Your account” and scroll down, you’ll probably find a message about a coupon for 100% off.

Dave, if I had never read your comment, I would have never thought to go looking for this coupon. I think this is the first time ever that I have looked at the “Your account” page. It would have been much more convenient if you had simply updated or added the book to our purchased items pages.

28 Jun 2016, 02:18
Dave Thomas (366 posts)

This is really a question for the good folks at, but I’m pretty sure everyone who bought the original was emailed with details and a link to the upgrade.

I wonder if perhaps you turned off email notifications when you created your account. If so. honors that.

I’m no longer doing day to day work with the Bookshelf, so for more info about sales and so on, you’re best off contacting


05 Jul 2016, 22:57
Mary Jane Samonte (1 post)

Please update for Elixir 1.4. It will be very much appreciated. :)

02 Aug 2016, 19:30
Marc Chiesa (2 posts)

So now that Programming Elixir 1.3 is happening, will it be possible for those of us that purchased 1.2 to get an upgrade coupon for the beta?

02 Aug 2016, 20:56
Dave Thomas (366 posts)


I’d imagine this will happen soon, once it has been officially announced.

02 Aug 2016, 23:27
Marc Chiesa (2 posts)

Awesome, definitely a major benefit of buying PragProg. Thanks, Dave.

03 Aug 2016, 15:24
Kai Mechel (3 posts)

Would be nice. I purchased the version 1.2 of the book 2 weeks ago :)

03 Aug 2016, 16:01
Nikos Kanellopoulos (1 post)

I also bought the Elixir 1.2 book recently.
Actually, “Elixir 1.2” was published recently.

I am expecting a free update or a generous discount.

03 Aug 2016, 19:15
Mitja Bezensek (1 post)

I just got the 1.3 version for free after purchasing 1.2, thanks a lot!

For all of you that are asking about a free upgrade: click on “Your account” and “Your account” again. Then at the bottom you should see an option to redeem a coupon for it.

03 Aug 2016, 19:44
Kai Mechel (3 posts)

Mitja ist right, first add the book to your cart, then search the redeem button in your account and click it. Worked for me.

13 Aug 2016, 15:09
Jens Hansen (1 post)

Thanks guys,

I could redeem it as well.


10 Sep 2017, 15:05
Jed Schneider (3 posts)

Hi Dave,

Thank you so much for extending the offer to upgrade to 1.3!

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