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04 Sep 2016, 20:24
Srinivasan Rajappa (2 posts)

Hi I tried to find mean for a list of values using the code snippets provided on Page 34. The snippets use with keyword to compute the same.

I found out that we need to take special care while using do in the with statement.

Here are some of my [observations](; the example that shows the use of [parenthesis]( is not working as well.

The only way I feel it works is the last example, where all the temp variables are appended by , and we use the colon operator after do:.

Please let me know if I have fallen short in my explanation or understanding from the book.

05 Sep 2016, 02:23
Dave Thomas (366 posts)

Try running the code from a file—iex doesn’t have the same lookahead for do keywords.

05 Sep 2016, 23:54
Srinivasan Rajappa (2 posts)

Oh! I see :) Thank you so much for your reply :D

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