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24 Mar 2008, 00:21
Jack Johnson (4 posts)

The book gives a lot of useful advice for deploying on Windows, but none for monitoring and restarting mongrels a la monit. Since from what I’ve been reading recently needing to restart non-responsive or ill-behaved mongrels seems fairly common, I’d really like to have some Windows equivalent of monit. Does anybody know of such a beast? Is this something that can be addressed in the final version of the book, or is it too late for that?



05 May 2008, 19:28
Brian P. Hogan (159 posts)

@Jack Johnson:

I’ve not been asked to add anything about that to the book. There are some ways to do that, though. There are some easy ways to do it though…. Some people have been successful with IPmonitor ( You could use the freeware xcmd.exe program to run commands on remote machines too, so you could easily roll your own monitor. I’ve done that in the past too.