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05 Nov 2009, 14:48
Cary Reams (1 post)

Havent noticed this in the discussion, or the known issues regarding the Kindle’s mobi format. My apologies if I missed it.

Some code examples are missing from the mobi version: for example:

somewhere between locations 1064-1068, missing: #!/opt/local/bin/ruby # ERROR: Incorrect for most production servers!

somewhere between locations 1074-1079, missing: #!/usr/local/bin/ruby … and after the following paragraph, missing: # Link to the actual location of Ruby from an aliased location

seems the code sample lines beginning with ‘#’ are missing from the mobi format. (They are present in the pdf - but we cant put that on a Kindle).

Is this unavoidable, or can a second version be created that addresses this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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