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14 Oct 2017, 07:49
Dusan Babiak (2 posts)


How your work is going on ? Do you know when the final PDF book should be published ?


13 Nov 2017, 09:11
Francis Pineda (1 post)

Will this come with a paper book with its current price?

25 Jan 2018, 21:55
Ulisses Herrera Freire de Almeida (8 posts)

I think it may come with a paper book. Looking the others Pragmatic Programmers books, the paper version has a higher price. I think this book won’t be different.

14 Feb 2018, 18:37
Steve C (1 post)

Any updates on the status of final publication?

14 Feb 2018, 18:54
Ulisses Herrera Freire de Almeida (8 posts)

Hi Steve. We’re going to publish the final version by between end of February or the beginning of March.

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