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18 May 2017, 21:32
Neil Hainer (4 posts)

Hi Jay,

I have submitted some errors I think I have found in your book. Are you planning to respond to the submissions? Especially the technical submissions.


Neil Hainer

21 May 2017, 15:57
Jay Wengrow (6 posts)

Thanks, Neil! These are all great catches. I’ve just fixed all of them and the corrections will be included in the next release.

29 May 2017, 21:35
Charlie Mead (1 post)

Hi Jay!

From Chap. 2 (Oh Yes! Big O Notation):

Because there will always be some amount of data in which the tides turn, and O( N) takes more steps from that point until infinity, O(N) is considered to be, on the whole, less efficient than O(N).

Believe the latter should be O(1). Thanks!

29 May 2017, 22:18
Jay Wengrow (6 posts)

Yes, thanks! I’ve already fixed that one - it will be in the next version.

21 Aug 2017, 13:59
Mike Smithson (1 post)

Page 65. The array after the first shift should be [2,4,7,1,3]. You have [4,8,2,3].

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