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28 Jan 2017, 07:50
Steven Paul (1 post)

I’m working my way through this excellent book and I’m getting occasional runtime errors while scrolling the podcast list. The app still functions as expected to this point in the book (chapter 10), but the error, presumably involving caching the offscreen cells, is of course concerning:

2017-01-28 14:09:42.174128 PragmaticPodcasts[3590:1306210] INFO: fetch-response is unable to open the file /private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/473F13D5-34CF-44F4-84E5-B929C62A2FD2/Library/Caches/ Errno: 2

Is this an indication I’ve not properly set up some permissions?

[update] I’m also seeing a second runtime error: PragmaticPodcasts[3590:1306110] [App] if we’re in the real pre-commit handler we can’t actually add any new fences due to CA restriction

Searching for that second error doesn’t explain much beyond “it seems to be harmless and don’t worry about it.”

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