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19 May 2017, 16:37
Michael Swaine (5 posts)

Thanks for dropping by! This is the place to share any thoughts on the book.

24 May 2017, 21:46
Sakis K (6 posts)

Hi Mike,

Is this going to be a mashup of what has been posted in pragpub over the last years? Any new content for the pragpub followers? :)

24 May 2017, 22:04
Michael Swaine (5 posts)

Almost all the chapters in this anthology appeared originally as articles in PragPub magazine, although the authors have updated them, in some cases substantially. We’ve published a lot of articles on functional programming in the past eight years, and I selected the articles here to create a book that makes sense on its own. The focus here is on how different languages implement functional ideas, so that meant leaving out a lot of good articles that didn’t quite fit that theme. Depending on interest, I may put together another anthology emphasizing functional programming, but from a different angle.

30 May 2017, 20:33
Sakis K (6 posts)

Sounds good, thanks for the reply :)

15 Jul 2017, 03:10
Rodrigo Nonose (1 post)

I found some outdated syntax in Elixir’s section, where can I report it?

Just in case, I’ll describe the problem.

It’s on the e-book version B1.0 (May 17, 2017), page 220 and subsequently.

It’s a deprecated syntax (message passing), which makes it wrong in all code examples.

The deprecated syntax is: pid <- expression

which should be replaced with: send pid, expression

This is deprecated since version 0.12.2 and removed in version 0.12.3 (quite some time ago).


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