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19 Dec 2016, 06:38
Aaron Nagucki (3 posts)

I have been going through the beta’s. Switching to yarn and going from angular 2.0 to 2.1 helped get my initial tests to pass. Then I followed the arrows on page 89 and added router to my application.js CustomerSearchComponent constructor. This made the app break and caused the customer search tests to fail. After removing the two lines it worked fine. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish what should be typed and what is an example. Overall, it’s a great book so far. Almost to ch.8.

19 Dec 2016, 13:51
David Copeland (511 posts)

If you can post either the errors you are seeing or, more ideally, a version of your app that’s not working (e.g. to GitHub), I can take a look.

All the code in the book is included only when the tests pass, so I’m running all the tests in the book, plus others. So, if something’s wrong on your end, hopefully it’s just an omission in the book and not a deeper code problem, but I’m happy to see which is which :)

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