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27 Dec 2016, 17:51
Michiel Schukking (3 posts)

I was just wondering what the arguments are for choosing version 3.

I suppose I can guess a few:
- Better integration with existing libraries that have been proven to be robust. (Simple_form)
- Not in an alpha state, therefor more trustworthy to build a book upon.

But how aesthetically superior would the book’s results be using Bootstrap 4? Bootstrap 3 has been seen very often, although truth be told, what is the problem with that if it functions? Personally I do like the sharpness of 4.
Another advantage to think of would be that all technologies would be on the edge. New Rails, New Angular, New Bootstrap.
Anyway people can always choose to use another I guess.

I was just wondering, have you investigated?

31 Dec 2016, 00:09
David Copeland (511 posts)

We decided that since it’s still in Alpha and no release date yet, whatever code we put in the book would be unstable and not likely up-to-date as we went to press. As we’re about to go to press that was a wise decision, as there has been no significant visible progress on it for many months.

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