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22 Feb 2017, 03:28
Jon M (1 post)

When visiting a page that has glyphicons, the fonts are not downloaded and a square is rendered in their place. The Chrome console says the .woff2, .woff and .ttf files failed to be downloaded with ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

I am connecting from my desktop to a Linux server on my network. For the Rails server to allow me to connect, I pass -b Similarly when I picked up this 2nd Edition and started with Webpack, I learned that I had to use –host so it would serve content. No such luck for the fonts though. When I open the Rails site on that Linux box though, it works without issue.

I’ve tried editing webpack.config.js, but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

22 Feb 2017, 13:44
David Copeland (491 posts)

It could be a CORS issue. I’m not sure how to tell you how to configure that, as it’s highly dependent on how you have your networking and web server set up.

But, since you can get to it locally, it tells me there’s something on how your network or server is set up that’s blocking it.

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