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17 Jul 2017, 12:50
Victor (2 posts)

Hi David! Thank you very much for your perfect book.

I have only one problem, I can’t find recent information how to config this kind of applications - Rails 5.1 + Angular 4 for deployment to production server, Heroku(for example)? How to precompile(build) prod version of Angular App if it needs? How to use Yarn for Heroku? Should it be one server or two (for Rails App and another for Angular app) , and if it needs two servers, how to config Angular App to work with separate Rails server, because we are using angular elements on the Rails page?

I’ll be very appreciate to you for any help.

Best regards, Victor

17 Jul 2017, 13:23
David Copeland (512 posts)

For the all-in-one case, it should just work with Heroku. See this link.

For the split setup, I don’t know. That is not what Rails is built for, so not sure the best way to do that, but you’d need to solve cross-application authentication which is a bit tricky.

18 Jul 2017, 08:49
Victor (2 posts)

Thanks for answer. Yes, I’ve pushed to Heroku without problems, it works fine.

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