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26 Nov 2017, 13:20
Ernesto Echeverria (14 posts)

I’m following through Chapter 10 already. Everything works as expected in my laptop. However when porting to a desktop, webpack somehow fails to load application.js / application.css .

What is a proper way of troubleshooting what’s going on? console logs in both computer look the same, however in my desktop, no bootstrap, no angular, no “hello world angular”, etc.

Although hugely generic, what should be the proper approach to troubleshoot these cases? Any guides?

Thanks in advance.

26 Nov 2017, 14:56
David Copeland (512 posts)

Depends on what “porting” means. Did you run bundle install and yarn install after copying the code over? I’ve found that Rails 5.1 will not give a usable error if you haven’t done that—things just don’t work :(

You can also try running bin/webpack to see how it compiles the JS outside of the rails server.

26 Nov 2017, 23:44
Ernesto Echeverria (14 posts)

Actually I tracked the error to be a conflict in port 8080, at the time of the issue I was using that port for a different service. No clue of the error through logs though. Thanks for your help.

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