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15 Jun 2017, 22:49
Larry Prall (8 posts)

Working through the Property-Based Testing section in Chapter 14, I get: ===> Compiling triq ===> Compiling src/triq_dom.erl failed then a long string of complaints about: “the ‘random’ module is deprecated; use the ‘rand’ module instead” and finally, a: … (Mix) Could not compile dependency :triq,…

This also happens with the downloaded code from the “code” tree.

I see from that the issue was supposed to have been fixed last year, but it apparently hasn’t been fixed in the code that Elixir downloads. FWIW, although triq was supposedly added to last year, it doesn’t appear there now.

What am I missing?

26 Jun 2017, 18:06
Larry Prall (8 posts)

Ah! Found the answer. The: “{ ​:triq​, ​github:​ ​”​​krestenkrab/triq”​, ​only:​ ​:test​},” line in the text is out of date. The correct line is now: “{ :triq, github: “triqng/triq”, only: :test}”


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