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01 Dec 2017, 07:07
Sander Groen (3 posts)

Thanks for writing this great book. I really like it this far.

I like to know if this book will be covering Relay modern in Integrating with the Frontend. I’m eager to start working on the front end part. But I don’t really know how to setup Relay modern with Absinthe. How can we setup the relay compiler in Brunch? And how do we build the generate a schema.graphql file from Absinthe?

02 Dec 2017, 14:27
Ben Wilson (7 posts)

Hey! The last chapter will definitely cover this kind of thing.

05 Dec 2017, 06:50
Sander Groen (3 posts)

Hi Ben,

Sounds great! I’m looking forward to reading it.


02 Jan 2018, 19:24
Bruce Williams (18 posts)

We just finished the chapter, and it should be out shortly.

It’s focused on client-side integration (with vanilla JS, Apollo, and Relay Modern), so it covers how to connect apps with Absinthe-based GraphQL servers.

While we create a small Relay Modern app and tie it to Absinthe, of course we can’t go too much in depth on Relay Modern itself in the chapter. That could easily fill an entire, separate book!

24 Jan 2018, 02:31
Junyu Zhan (4 posts)

That just make this book even more attracting! Does the subscription feature in Absinthe work with Relay Modern?

24 Jan 2018, 03:53
Junyu Zhan (4 posts)

To answer my own question - I just bought the book and I’m happy to find that it covers subscriptions with relay modern!

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