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12 Apr 2010, 18:55
Mathieu Gervais (1 post)

An errata to my errata… (posted @ )

I posted this:

#42762: 2nd para: URLConnection does have setReadTimeout() and setConnectTimeout() since Java 1.5. Not sure why you talk about using SocketImplFactory etc. also, not sure if "line 7" is the right line number.. the "big blocking call" you talk about seems to be the openConnection one (since you talk about getInputStream later on).--Mathieu Gervais

but I made two(!) mistakes in doing so:

1) my version is 4.0 (got confused by my book claiming year 2009 while the website claims 4.0 is 2010) 2) the “big blocking call” is indeed on line 7.. this is explained in the prior paragraph.. shame on me! :)

My point about the timeout facility being available still holds true.