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08 Nov 2017, 17:57
Anthony Collen (1 post)

Loving the book so far. After flipping through a bit, it seems to me that Chapter 3, “Ensuring Code Consistency” really should belong under Part II (titled “Development”), since it seems like it gets into the nuts & bolts of Elixir projects.

It also seems to me that based only on the title of Chapter 4 (“Legacy Systems and Dependencies”), it’s more closely related to Chapter 7, “Integrating with External Code”. Perhaps there’s an opportunity for a more cohesive organization?

Keep up the awesome work!

08 Nov 2017, 18:14
José Valim (62 posts)

Hi Tony, glad you are enjoying the book!

Although the Ensuring Code Consistency chapter goes a bit into Elixir projects, it is more about the project and making sure a team has (or will have) the proper tools for the project to succeed. The development chapter focuses more on the design and architecture of your systems, that’s why they are in separate sections.

External code is not necessarily legacy. For example, you may want to integrate with a C or Rust library for performance or with a Java system because it has better tools for the domain at hand.

Does it clarify your concerns?

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