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21 Nov 2017, 21:14
Milton Mazzarri (2 posts)

In the “Who This Book Is For” section (PDF Page: VIII), you perfectly clarify that this book isn’t for everyone, and that you’ll cover many topics, all of those topics are about the Elixir adoption life-cycle, this obviously will involve a lot of different roles or interest. Then, in the “How To Read This Book” (PDF Page: IX) section, you go deeper in that direction. That’s perfectly fine.

But then, you keep sending warnings about the same issue, I think that’s not necessary anymore, and distract me as a reader.

In the section “Embracing End-To-End Adoption” (PDF page: 15) you say:

“We know that such a book will have topics that might not be interesting to every single reader, that the broad spread of topics that span beginner (such as learning functional languages) and expert (such as distributed systems) will make this book hard to target.”

I already know that from earlier sections.

After the “Introduction” chapter I took a decision, which is continue reading this book, keeping in mind all the given suggestions about how to read this work. I think that you don’t need to repeat those suggestions in every chapter.

Another example is at the beginning of the Chapter 2: Team Building (PDF Page: 19)

“We understand this chapter isn’t for everyone. If you’re confident in your training and recruiting, you’ll want to skip to the next chapter, knowing you’re already prepared to recruit, hire and train an effective Elixir team”

You see the pattern?

21 Nov 2017, 22:20
Bruce Tate (23 posts)

It’s something we’ve gone back and forth with. We have had some negative feedback that suggests we had not successfully set expectations, but I see your point. I will take a second pass through these warnings. It may just be a little repetitive because from our experience, not everyone reads in order and not everyone reads the introduction.

Thanks for the advice!

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