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11 May 2017, 15:28
Francesco mari (4 posts)

I read that it has been updated with Webpack, and “advanced javascript”. Hi! Could you please hilight all the differences with the Rails 5 edition?


12 May 2017, 15:03
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

I’m not going to comment on what we are still exploring; but as to what is included in the beta: development of a new React.js component, managing all its dependencies with yarn, bundling the result for download using web packer, and system testing the result with capybara and chromedriver.

There are also a number of small changes throughout the book to accommodate Rails latest defaults, deprecations, and template changes.

20 May 2017, 15:44
David Copeland (499 posts)

You should have been sent a coupon for a discount on the new version. If you didn’t get one, contact

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