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22 Jul 2017, 15:39
Ken Burgett (21 posts)

I have been buying each copy of this book since the first edition, but I think this is my last one. I just don’t think the book addresses new Rails features. Currently, Action-Cable is the hot topic, and this book, including the latest revs, say nothing about it. I also feel the support for Javascript is lacking. Too bad, the book just doesn’t seem to have kept up with the product.

24 Jul 2017, 14:31
David Copeland (491 posts)

Thanks for the feedback, but I think we are keeping up, even if it might not be obvious from the TOC.

While the currently-released version does cover Action Cable, the 5.1 update that’s in beta now covers:

  • the new JavaScript toolchain (Webpacker, Webpack, etc.) - you add a React component to the sample app
  • system testing (new in Rails 5.1)
  • Active Job (not new, but missing previously)
  • Heroku deployments
  • other small additions to Rails 5.1
  • Supplemental material on RSpec, Slim, and CSS Next

We’ve tried to address the marquee features of Rails as much as we could, and I think we’ve done that. The latest beta has everything I’ve listed above (as well as Action Cable). Would love your feedback on it…I’m hard pressed to find a top-line Rails feature we aren’t addressing.


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