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04 Nov 2017, 08:27
Yarin Benado (1 post)

In Tip 7, which comes right after the package manager, you instruct the reader to install fzf by cloning the git repo manually. It’s a bit confusing because I’d expect to see a minpac line added to .vimrc

05 Nov 2017, 14:34
Drew Neil (50 posts)

In the introduction of Modern Vim, I describe the book as being like a “choose your own adventure” story. As I see it, the tip about how to install plugins to a package is foundational material that everyone should read. The tip about minpac is an optional tip, which some readers might chose to skip. If you choose to read the book from linearly from start to finish, I can see how the juxtaposition of a tip on minpac followed by a tip on fzf (not mentioning minpac) could seem jarring.

Here’s how I plan to fix this: in the tip about minpac, I’ll add a section explaining that when you see instructions such as this:

git clone

Then you can modify the instructions so that you add a line like this to your vimrc:

call minpac#add("junegunn/fzf")

Additionally, I should perhaps include a cross-reference to the tip about packages. That way, it would be clear that that tip was required reading. I’m hesitating over this one, because it would mean adding a cross-reference to the packages tip from each tip that requires you to install a plugin, which might become a bit repetitive. I’ll have a think about it…

07 Nov 2017, 06:12
Tavis Aitken (1 post)

I like the idea of adding the note about converting the git clone commands to plugin install lines only once in the plugin section.

For this one plugin however I would mention that if you don’t clone the repo and compile from source you will need to install the fzf binary via some sort of package manager on your OS such as homebrew or apt-get etc.

08 Nov 2017, 02:34
Brandon Pittman (5 posts)

I also think that once minpac is introduced, telling people to manually add plugins is a bit odd.

15 Nov 2017, 22:22
Kay Rhodes (3 posts)

what about a section just before minpac that says something to the effect of “hey there are many ways to install plugins. I’m going to be using minpac, but you should know that if you see something like call minpac#add("junegunn/fzf") it’s just getting stuff from the “junegunn/fzf” repo on github so you could just as easily clone it manually with git clone… or (vim-plug instruction) or (pathogen instruction) but to simplify the rest of the book i’m going to write the examples under the assumption you’re using minpac”

and then Exclusively use minpac syntax

06 Feb 2018, 08:42
Álvaro Turégano Jansana (1 post)

I like to have both the manual way to install packages and the automated one using minpac because it helps us to understand first what is under the hood and then learn to automate it using minpac in order to gain productivity.

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