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26 Jan 2009, 10:16
Alexis Sukrieh (5 posts)


I’m using Facebooker for writing a Facebook app and I must say it’s pretty well designed. I’m facing an issue though, with the feed publishing facilities :

I have registered a feed “user_action” with two sizes: one line and short story. The publisher manages to publish the feed entry, but always in the “one line” size.

After reading the documentation of the underlying Facebook API call, publishUserAction, I’ve realized this is because of the optional paramter “size” which is “one line” if not specified.

I cannot find how to tell my Facebooker publisher to set this parameter to “short story”.

This has the annoying effect of always publishing one line stories to user feeds, even if they granted the “short story” size…

Anyone has already managed to do that? How can I tell my publisher to deliver with the “short story” size?

Thanks !

16 Oct 2009, 11:01
stone112 (1 post)

You can contact with the support team they can only help you regards this matter. I got same problem and I made a contact with the support team.I was trying to publish related things over there.

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