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12 Jan 2008, 15:34
Johannes Hoff (2 posts)

Will there ever be a printed version? If I buy the PDF one, will that give me a discount on the printed one? For some reason, it’s easier to justify spending money on something more physical than bits.

By the way, lacking a general discussion forum, how come there is no mention of The Pragmatic Programmer book on this site? After all, that is one of the best computer books out there!

14 May 2008, 23:53
Tracy R Reed (1 post)

I too would like a printed version. I agree with the Johannes: If I’m going to pay money for it I would at least like a professionally printed copy. I suppose I could print out the PDF on a duplex printer and then stick it all in a 3 ring binder like I have done for other things but I know that won’t last as long.

23 Jun 2008, 14:44
Matthew Bain (1 post)

I asked them about this back in April and was told they had no plans to release a printed version at that time, in part due to there being a lot of colour graphics, which would I assume cost a lot more to print and which would not look very good in black and white. If anyone is listening though, I would still rather have this as a proper printed book if it will help change minds :)

26 Jul 2008, 22:21
Clare J. Boffemmyer (2 posts)

Here’s my vote for a printed version too. I like pdf’s strictly for reference-type books (e.g., the prag-prog book on subversion, with its excellent back section on command usage), but for where I am actually trying to learn a new subject, I want it in print. However, I really want to get this book in print as a gift for someone - giving a pdf just isn’t the same thing.

13 Aug 2008, 02:25
Andrew Hunt (222 posts)

Keep posting and asking for it, and we may well consider printing this title.



13 Aug 2008, 11:19
David Lazaro Saz (1 post)

Printed version: yes, please. I agree with Clare, I prefer printed versions for learning.

19 Aug 2008, 20:52
David Morgereth (1 post)

I guess I’m a Luddite - gimme the printed version. Gotta be able to read it on the bus on my way to work.

05 Sep 2008, 20:42
Jon Gretar Borgthorsson (1 post)

+1 for printed version. I hate reading off the screen for too long.

11 Sep 2008, 05:09
Dion L Heinz (1 post)

I would also like to see a printed version.

13 Sep 2008, 01:03
tangcsu (1 post)

I hate reading off the screen for too long.

02 Oct 2008, 01:21
Michael Sanders (1 post)

I agree; I’d really appreciate a printed version

14 Oct 2008, 07:16
Johannes Hoff (2 posts)

I ended up buying the PDF, but I’m sorry to say that I still haven’t read it; more than half a year later. Not that I’m such a big fan of killing trees, but there is just so many places you can’t read a PDF, where you could have read a printed book.

Perhaps the showstopper is the missing ebook reader.

30 Dec 2008, 16:48
Andy Doddington (1 post)

Pretty please? Printed version :-)

28 Aug 2009, 07:07
Sam Dutton (1 post)

Another vote for printed version.

The problem for me (and others, I guess) is that I can’t order a book from work in the normal way unless it’s a printed book available from online booksellers.

02 Sep 2009, 18:53
Daniel Olson (1 post)

I’d love a printed copy as well, PDF’s just aren’t my cup of tea for a book like this.

11 Oct 2009, 23:02
David Marsh (1 post)

I’d love a printed copy, loads of low quality books around with many color plates, how do they manage it ?

Worst ways make the less important images greyscale and have a few colour plates.

I’m sure theres a market and profit for exactly this type of book, lots of pictures is an even greater reason to print rather than PDF it.

I can’t stand reading PDF’s for more than a few minutes, for learning a subject a printed book is far superior. A quality book like this would also have some long term value.

I also agree it would make an excellent gift for techies.

Come on pragmatic programmer’s ! Get this printed and out for next christmas !

09 Dec 2009, 13:10
David J. (4 posts)

If this were printed, I would buy it immediately. I like to have a physical library of books on hand. Not so much into PDFs and wouldn’t pay for one.

24 Mar 2010, 08:59
Daniel Sperl (1 post)

I’d love to have a printed version, too!

And, BTW: it would be great if you added the information that the book is ONLY available for download prominently on the book’s info page. I searched quite a while at Amazon and other stores because I was not aware of that, and did not find it!

Thanks in advance! Daniel

21 Aug 2010, 15:51
Molte Andersen (1 post)

I too, would by far prefer a printed copy.

07 Jan 2012, 18:59
Patrick Lanove (2 posts)

“If this were printed, I would buy it immediately. I like to have a physical library of books on hand. Not so much into PDFs and wouldn’t pay for one.” -David J.

While the last part there does not apply for me, the rest does. Also, like Daniel Sperl I performed many online searches for info on this book. It was only after reading his post that I learned this book has no printed counterpart.

So please, Dave and Andy, we want a printed version.