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30 Dec 2009, 17:33
Tony Williamitis (1 post)

I just bought this ebook a few days ago and have read the entire book. It was more basic than I was hoping but my complaint is the tremendous quantity of errors, several of which could have been caught by merely running a spellchecker. It is surprising that in version 1.2 of a book such fundamental mistakes as double words and missing conjunctions would persist. I spotted literally 100 errors. I would have painstakingly submitted them all but I saw that submissions from previous editions were still not fixed in 1.2. I feel as though I was reading a rough draft. I hope that before the next release, an editor will read the copy because it could all be fixed in 1 day by any competent editor. If I had an editable copy I would have turned on revision mode and fixed it for you as a public service. This is not up to the quality level of a Pragmatic book.

19 Jan 2011, 08:43
Patrick Lanove (2 posts)

could not agree more with you Tony. I am now a little more than halfway trough the book and already I am getting the feeling of reading trough an draft version.

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