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22 Jan 2009, 02:11
wes johnson (2 posts)

Back on an older podcast (May 7th, 2008 - Pragmatic Publishing), Dave Thomas & Daniel Steinberg got to talking about passion, and how it can be difficult to learn programming without the inherent excitement. Dave mentioned that he’d like to smake an introductory programming book (which I imagine evolved into “Learn to Program” by Chris Pine) and Daniel responded that he’d like to do the same thing with Mathematics.

Have you looked into this idea further?


15 Oct 2010, 16:27
Jean-François "Jeff" Héon (7 posts)

I’d like to link back to topic to Robert Martin’s interview.

Robert mentions the classic book Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.

I began reading this book and although very interesting, the level of mathematics assumed is either passed what I learned or long-forgotten. I’d love a mathematics book who’d bring me up top speed to be able to fully enjoy this book. Then again, maybe I should just skip the mathematically-inclined exercises.

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11 Jul 2017, 14:30
Maria Garcia (1 post)

Thanks for the information!

21 Jul 2017, 09:21
Jake Miller (2 posts)

It would be nice if such a book came out. Because indeed, some knowledge of mathematics has already been forgotten, some have not been studied. So earlier, when I had some gaps with trigonometry and functions, I was looking for information here. I think I would have liked this book. It is interesting to know the author’s thoughts on some topics.

05 Aug 2017, 04:51
odinsphere (1 post)

Yo mammmaaaaaa

12 Feb 2018, 21:44
3dollaressay (1 post)

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20 Feb 2018, 14:55
Dmitry Berkley (1 post)

“Learn to Program” by Chris Pine is not so bad at my opinion it can be very useful for beginning programmer like me. i just start my work on page optimization at ‘’ this is my first such a big project, so do not judge strictly my work.

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