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14 Mar 2010, 19:52
Gareth Stephenson (6 posts)

I’m an avid fan of the Podcasts delivered by the Pragmatic Programmers, but I see that they’ve come to a halt since July 2009.

Any hope of reviving the Podcasts?


30 Aug 2010, 19:33
Miles Forrest (7 posts)

The podcast is coming back! And with a new host :)

14 Oct 2010, 07:48
Gareth Stephenson (6 posts)

Downloaded and listening to Robert Martin interview, brilliant way to come back!

14 Oct 2010, 10:33
Gareth Stephenson (6 posts)

Please, please, please see if you can get an interview with Frederick P. Brooks, author of The Mythical Man-Month!

15 Oct 2010, 07:15
Ken Munro (1 post)

Good to see the podcast back – terrific interview with Robert Martin. Let’s have more of both. :)

13 Feb 2012, 18:36
Michael Ries (4 posts)

It looks like the podcasts have slowed down again. I have listened to every podcast episode and most of them a few times. You have definitely sold me on books by listening to the podcasts. Any idea when new episodes might start coming?

30 Apr 2013, 11:12
Adam Mendoza (1 post)

Please bring the podcasts back!

02 May 2013, 09:40
Shimei Neri (1 post)

Yes! Please bring the podcasts back!!

25 Aug 2013, 05:46
Morten Lemvigh (2 posts)

What they said! There are some great episodes, and I would love to see more.

05 Oct 2013, 18:32
P J Hancock (3 posts)

Yes I would second what Michael says above - surely your authors welcome the chance to make a podcast about their new volumess - I too have bought books after hearing a podcast.

10 Aug 2015, 14:36
Danya D. Smith (1 post)

I just discovered your podcast and am listening to back episodes. I would love to see this podcast revived.

01 Jan 2016, 13:14
Serge Moreau (2 posts)

I would also like to see this podcast revived.

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